Thursday, April 17, 2008


I was glancing at our registry today, contemplating removing our items from Linen's and Things (since they are going bankrupt) and I gasped at this:Someone purchased (or intends to purchase) our plates! I couldn't believe it. After months of putting stuff on our registry someone actually bought something we requested. I was so shocked, Tai came over to see what happened. He was pretty glad. He liked those plates and wanted those specifically. I was so curious how I would know if someone bought us something on Mystery solved!
I was feeling pretty blah about the wedding until right now. We are moving forward people!


  1. What has the reaction been to using a site like this? I would like to avoid registering at the normal places just because that is what everyone else does.

  2. It is sooo exciting to see the first item being purchased off of a registry, eh? Once I saw our first gift get purchased, I have become a complete registry stalker!

    I had no idea that Linens N Things was going bankrupt - eep!


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