Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Green Wedding Idea #1

Since Earth Day is approaching, I thought I would do a mini series on green (read:enviromentally friendly) wedding ideas. This idea came to me last night while I was hefting my groceries from the store to the car.
I recently bought 3 reusable grocery sacks from Whole Foods. They were $.99 each. Every time I used to go grocery shopping I would come home with 12 plastic grocery bags. I reuse the plastic sacks for garbage and recycling, but I hate having all those bags. The same amount of groceries fit into my 3 reusable sacks. That alone would have converted me years ago!
But I was thinking what a great favor idea. I'm much more of the usable favor person rather than even an edible person. But something people could really use. Most favors go for about $1 anyway, so how about a reusable grocery sack?
Mine aren't as cute. Mine are plain green with Whole Foods Stamped on the front. But perhaps your local grocery store has some with their name on it? Just in case you don't want to give ones that say Fred Meyer or Albertsons.
At you can order bulk orders, but 50 will run you $125. But these at Earthwisebags are customizable and you can order them in several different colors.
Or how about giving them as bridesmaid's or groomsmen's gifts?This set from This would be a great starter kit for someone with a larger family or perfect for a small family or one person. This set is $39.95 but if you buy more than 2 the price dips to $34.95.
I use my grocery bags for groceries, shelpping stuff to dad's, taking books back to the library. I can't wait to use them for the farmer's market next month.

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