Monday, April 21, 2008

Stealing More Inspiration!

Here's my monthly installment of knottie bios. Someone asked last month how I find all these bios. I know they are difficult to find. Not all knotties make them. And lots of knotties make planning bios but rarely share their married photos. I have a lot of time at work. I usually look for knottie bio over the course of the month and save them. It does take a lot of time to find them and I have nothing but time at work. Let me know if there are specific things that you are looking for. I'm happy to help!

Well of course I love this bio! She used Jayson and Dani as her photographers. But on the July 08 knottie board someone was discussing having table assignments to help people fill tables. I keep going back and forth on this. But this knotties reasoning was the best. Some people were saving seats and being aholes about letting other people sit. Our wedding won't be huge but I don't want people to not be able to sit. I guess I'm leaning toward seating assignments. These are great ideas. Might steal it.What a gorgeous venue. So lucky to get married at a castle.
TxGrlatHeartShe used these to mark the aisle. Such a great idea. Especially since her wedding was inside. Really set the mood.I think this a great idea for thank you cards or something you could frame. What a great way to show your personalities.
I love fall weddings. This is such a great idea for a centerpieces.
Ok, this wasn't their wedding cake. It was the grooms cake. But how cool. They used a regional specific donut, but you could totally do this with any donut!

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