Saturday, April 5, 2008


I bought these Hanes no panty line bikinis the other day at Target on a whim. These are so comfortable. No binding and no panty line! I highly recommend them.

Yesterday we had a little party for a coworker who is also getting married. The cake came from Central Market. This cake was yummy. I even bought a slice home for Tai who agreed it was yummy. Might have to rethink dessert at the wedding. And the Bettercreme frosting is made from soy, not butter, but you would never know!
I had wanted to see this when it was in the theaters. But we never did and I forgot about it. The other day when we were at Blockbuster, Tai remembered that I wanted to see it and we rented it. Wow, this movie makes no sense! You spend a good portion of the movie wondering what the hell is going on. The movie seems to start in the middle. But the dialogue is hysterical and the action scenes are perfect. Wonderfully mindless entertainment. Plus hunky Clive Owen-drool!
As part of our huge Jones soda stash we bought 6 cases of Lemon Lime soda for ourselves. We'd never tried the lemon lime flavor, but wow. It's yummy. We love it! We only wish would would have bought more then.

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