Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

I'll explain my absence in the next post, but first, I've been tagged. Kate of Kate's Wedding, Jennifer of She Weds, and Tina of With This Ring, I Thee Obsess all tagged me. I'll oblige you all.

Here are my six random facts about myself:

1. I was named for my maternal grandmother, but I go by the same name as my aunt. Which is kind of cool.

2. I'm extremely competitive and I hate losing. So much that I rather not play if I think I'll lose. I'm a sore loser and have been known to throw things after losing. It was just a deck of cards and no one got hurt.

3. I'm subscribed to 87 blogs on my Google Reader. Most of them are wedding related.

4. I love to bake and cook. I'm not always very good at it, but I like to try.

5. I used to throw shot put in high school. I was pretty good but I never won any awards. I did enjoy lifting weights to get in shape then.

6. I love doing laundry. I love the smell of clean clothes and I love putting my laundry away. I'm crazy I know.

I'm not going to tag anyone cause it appears to me that everyone on my Google Reader has done this already. If by chance you haven't, consider yourself tagged!

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