Friday, April 4, 2008

Table Inspiration

I'm starting to get a little nervous that we won't have enough stuff on the tables and they will look bare. I just have the lanterns and the buckets of flowers for each table. I know I should be doing a mock up to see how it looks but I turned to the internet for reassurance and inspiration. I found this lovely table on my new favorite blog, Toasts and Tables. I love how simple it is.
Stolen from knottie Faithsista. Here she just has one thing in on the table. But she has all those other things that we won't have. Plates will be stacked at the buffet and glasses will be available near the drinks. I feel like this table setting is more appropriate for a plated dinner.
Obviously this a cocktail table and not something we'll be doing but it's minimalistic as well. A little too minimalistic for my taste though. Picture found here.
This might be a good idea. Just having the napkins on the table. I'll think about that. I found this image here.
So what do you think? Leave just the centerpieces on the table with nothing else or put out the napkins?


  1. i think that the lanterns and buckets with flowers will be pretty on their own... keeps it from being cluttered!

    the image with the napkins is pretty...

  2. I like the idea of putting the napkins on the tables too. And I like the simple centerpiece idea. Remember, after everyone hits the buffet line, the tables won't look "empty" anymore! If you go with too much stuff, your guest won't have any place to set their food and drink!


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