Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pretty Shoes!

Let's drool on some pretty shoes!
These are from bluefly.
How about these Jimmy Choos ($768!)? These would be wonderful for your something blue.
Or maybe you are looking for some bling? These Jimmy Choos ($620) would be gorgeous!
Or perhaps you are a red shoe bride? These Christian Louboutin's ($468) would fit the bill. I think they would look cute with a tea length dress!
Or perhaps you are looking for a flat shoe. These Christian Louboutins ($440) would also be great. The listing says silver but they look white to me!


  1. I am so not a shoe girl...I look at those, and both my feet and my bank account say "ouch!" ;)

  2. Wow, I got really excited about the blue jimmy choos for a second! Then I saw the price. Yikes!

  3. i love those blue jimmy choos... to bad there isn't like an 80% discount through bluefly for those!


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