Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pretty (less expensive) Shoes!

Let's look at the other end of the spectrum. Because yes, the shoes in my last post exceed my budget too!
From Walmart:
These Satin Buckle Flats are adorable and a bargain. $10 on sale now!
Or how about these from Payless? They are dyeable! Only $39.99
Or how about these Carlos sandals. Only $89 on Amazon.
Or how about these sexy ones from Chinese Laundry? Only $69 at Macys.I love the sparkly! These can be found at Piperlime for $69!
So there are great shoe options at every point in the spectrum!


  1. Payless pair has my vote! I'm always surprised by their quality and their prices. Great pair!

  2. I got some great cream wedding flats from Payless last week for $12.99! YES! My vote goes for the flats--you'll be comfortable all day.

  3. Hey - thanks for commenting on my shoe post over at EAD!!
    I'm right there with ya' - my shoes only cost $68, and shipped for free! Not too shabby.

    I like the ones from Wal-Mart. Who knew??


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