Friday, April 18, 2008

Green Wedding Idea #3

Speaking of presents, there's always a lot of discussion about what gifts to get the groomsmen, the bridesmaids, your folks, and even your hubby to be. Aside from the fact that I think personal gifts are better than a sack of impersonal items, how about not giving stuff?
Most people I know have too much stuff. Knickknacks they accumulate. Souvenirs of past relationships and vacations. Junk that gets collected on bookshelves and nightstands. I try to reduce the amount of clutter from our home. I have a bag of crap that Tai brought when he moved in. I keep moving the bag closer to the door in hopes of just taking it to the Goodwill.
So don't add to the clutter. Give experiences rather than things. A popular gift for bridesmaids are spa gift certificates. These are great gifts if you know your bridesmaid or maid of honor would enjoy a pedicure or a massage. But how about a cooking class if cooking relaxes her more? Or how about a flower arranging class or a gift certificate to a yoga class? You might inspire someone to try something new or support them in a current hobby.
For the gents, how about golf lessons, guitar lessons or even that cooking class? The lady in his life might appreciate that. Men's facials and massages are also offered at many salons.
Your folks might appreciate that cooking class especially if they could go together or how about tickets to a play or symphony? Or maybe a gift certificate to a nice restaurant, one you know they wouldn't go to.
As for your future husband, I do love it when a bride gives him something he can wear right then, like cuff links. But let's say he's got those. How about purchasing something you guys can do together on your honeymoon? Maybe a hot air balloon ride or a kayaking trip? You could give him a card telling him what his gift is and that you look forward to sharing that experience with him. Because in life, it should be about the experiences, not about the stuff.


  1. Great post. I couldn't agree with you more. This is something that I have attempted to do for all aspects of gift giving... birthdays, holidays, etc so no reason it can't be practiced for bridal party gifts!

    and wonderful thought about idea of something for the honeymoon for the groom... that just might work perfectly for me to give FI! thanks!

  2. This IS a great post! Those are some great ideas!!
    I can totally sympathize with your fiancee's bag of stuff and you wanting to donate it. I'm still working with my fiancee on that right now too! Only he had WAY more than just one bag of stuff....
    Like you, too much clutter drives me CRAZY!!


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