Friday, October 10, 2008

A Collection of Nothing

A coworker gave me these salt and pepper shakers for our wedding:I thought they were cute but not something I would choose. It turns out these were given to start my collection. I don't know what kind of collection-a salt and pepper shaker or a bird salt and pepper shaker. Right now, I collect nothing. I buy shoes but I give them away once I'm done with them. You could say I collect books but I purge my collection frequently (I'm stalling on this right now). So I collect nothing.
I did take a look to see what kind of bird salt and pepper shakers were out there:

Or if I wanted collect salt and pepper shakers:

I really don't have room for a collection now. Perhaps when we have a larger home.


  1. I'm never sure why people expect you to collect something.

    It seems to almost happen when you find some little statue or knicknack you think is cute so you buy for yourself, someone sees and decides you must love "fill in the blank" and every gift giving opportunity finds you another one.

  2. Oh, you have to come back and read the whole thing!
    I accidently published part of it before I was really done!!

    Yes, your ceremony was so beautiful!! We loved the part before the ring exchange, and the part about the ring always reminding us that we were surrounded by love!!

  3. Maybe they're thinking you could collect birds??

    It's strange - some collections can be cool. Like once I saw someone who collected vintage antique fans - they had them in different rooms, and it was neat (and useful in the summer!). But some collections are just strange and weird.

    I think the little birds are cute, though!


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