Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ideas for Halloween Costumes

We were invited to a Halloween party next Friday. Originally I thought we wouldn't dress up (not because I didn't want to) because I'll be going to the party directly from the train and Tai didn't want to dress up alone. But Tai thinks we should dress up. So what to wear? The party is superhero themed so I took that into consideration.How about BeerMan? Kind of lame huh?With a lab coat, Tai could be Dr. Horrible!

Or a ninja? Do you think ninja's can be superheroes?Maybe I can live some childhood fantasies of being Linda Carter. I loved Wonder Woman as a kid.I have no idea who she's supposed to be. Perhaps a Green Beret? Add a cape and I could be Recycling Girl!How about a cop? Aren't cops superheroes?
We'll keep thinking and hopefully I'll have pictures of our costumes on Halloween!


  1. Ha ha ha!! Recycling girl!
    Pretty cute.

    You could always go as Superwoman... or Superbride would be cute! Just wear something like a shirt under your work clothes, and when you get there - let it peek out. Add a cape or veil, and you're good! The inspiration being Superman who would have his costume on underneath his work clothes...

  2. I wonder how many little Doctor Horribles are gonna be running around.

    It doesn't look too hard to do, just got to get a wrap tunic and sew some buttons on it but it's be really cool.


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