Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hello, Hypertension!

I love salt. This all the different kinds of salt I currently own.
Each has it's own purpose. I use the iodized salt for salting pasta water or boiling potatoes. The kosher is my current favorite. I use that on most everything. Sea salt is my second favorite. It can go anything as well. And the canning and pickling salt is so finely ground. It works well on steaks (before searing) and popcorn.
I tend to salt things after I cook rather than before. Tai is used a low sodium diet after years of living with his grandpa. If a recipe calls for salt I add the recommended amount. When it's done I taste it and add salt if needed. I let Tai salt his own food since I get accused of over salting food ;)

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  1. I try to watch my salt, but I love it too!! I didn't realize that the canning salt was really finely ground - good to know.

    I will say, though, that I tend to delete the salt from recipes I make, and then if it needs it after I may add some. Also, when I buy soups or something canned, I try to get the low sodium kind. I can't tell a differnce.


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