Sunday, October 26, 2008

Post Wedding Chop

I actually chopped my hair before we left for Houston, but didn't really feel like talking about it back then. I went in for another hair cut to so I thought I'd share.
Remember how long it was before?This was the day before our wedding. Now this is how long it is now!I chopped off 10". I was able to donate it to Locks of Love and I got a free haircut. Score! It's not too short, but not as long as it was before!
Here's the front:I like the swoopy bangs. Plus it has a lot of movement too it. I think it's too short but I'll get use it. Plus it grows quickly anyway.


  1. Pretty! I love the side-swept bangs.

  2. loved the hair.... It looks great!

  3. Oh my gosh - I LOVE your new haircut!!! I am thinking of doing the exact same thing after the wedding! My hair is just so long now and it gets in the way. I love your haircut - it has so much style to it!!
    Very cute!


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