Monday, October 27, 2008

In Response to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

If you know me irl, you've probably heard me say this book changed my life. Eh, sort of true. This book reminded me of everything good about eating locally and seasonally. It inspired me to go back out there and start looking for fresh food, not boxed food or processed food. I have done this before. I think I did the 100-mile diet for a month before finding it too difficult to find locally grown olive oil.
And there lies my biggest challenge accepting that I cannot eat all locally grown food. The chicken I bought today was either from a Washington farm or an Oregon one. I have no clue where the mushrooms came from. The olive oil is imported and the pasta from a box. I have to accept I cannot be perfect in this mission but I can buy local, pasture raised meat. I can go to the farmer's market (in season) and buy food straight from the grower. Off season I can look for local produce and eat more seasonally. No more asparagus in November! And in finding local produce I will be inspired to cook more. To make meals that change with the seasons. I find that thrilling and inspiring.
One note of warning. Do not read this book in winter. It will make you sad. No farm fresh tomatoes for you (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). No fresh berries or melons. It made me crave those things despite them not being in season. Save this book til spring when the farms are getting ready to bring their produce to market. Then hopefully it will inspire you too.

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