Thursday, October 2, 2008

Looking for a new ring

These days I just wear my wedding band as my engagement ring does not fit with my wedding ring. Tai sometimes wears his engagement ring on his right hand with his wedding band on his left, but I would like to wear an engagement ring on the same hand as my wedding ring. Silly I know.
Before we got married, Tai offered to buy me a more traditional engagement ring but I said that I rather we wait til after the wedding to buy one. Well here we are after the wedding and I'm ready to find an engagement ring!
I need something thin so I can wear my wedding ring and my engagement ring on the same finger. Here's what my wedding ring looks like:
I thought a nice flash of silver and diamond would look very nice. Like one of these:

Nothing too expensive, just a little bling. Perhaps I'll have one of these on my finger this holiday season!


  1. Would you have the two soldered together or just wear them seperate?

    I know my best friend just used her engagement ring as her wedding ring for a long time, but then she was afraid she'd lose her diamond so now she just wears a simple band she got.

  2. I don't think I could get them soldered together. I would just wear them together.


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