Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dream House

We are no where near being able to buy a house but I like to dream about what our house would look like.
I would love a house with a porch. Here in the Pacific Northwest porches are not the norm. But I would love a house with a porch to enjoy the cool summer evenings with a cold beverages and host friends on chilly Autumn nights with a hot cup of cider.
But no house I would buy could not have a gorgeous gourmet kitchen. I love the island. Ever since I was a kid I was jealous of houses with an island in their kitchen. All that extra space plus a place for people for people to sit. Of course I would have a gas range. I've always wanted one.
How about a gorgeous bathroom overlooking the water? Nice relaxing place to take a bath. If I lived in more tropical climate the balcony would actually be used.
As a child I wanted a four poster bed. Actually a canopy bed but I don't think I can convince Tai to go for that. But I love the simple clean lines. I would love a bedroom big enough to have a couple of chairs in. Actually I would rather have a couch, but all that room.
And the most important part a huge library with more couches for reading and relaxing. I have always wanted a house with enough room for a library, not just a couple of bookshelves!
We'll be looking for our dream house for a while. Renting is great for us right now. When there is a problem, call the landlord. Someday a house will be a great idea but right now renting is fine for us.


  1. Now that is one huge library, he he he.

  2. Hey - we do own our house now, but there are still a ton of things I'd like different or to change!!
    It's a great starter house, and as we can - we fix it up a little here and a little there. But it can be expensive. The good news?? You reap all the benefits. Plus, if you totally screw something up, you don't have to worry about losing your deposit! ;-)

    I'm with ya' on the front porch, though - that's a beautiful picture!!

  3. I want to come live in that house! :o)


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