Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Get Out There And Vote

Honestly I don't care who you vote for. I just want you to vote. Every person in this country is affected by the outcomes of every election. It's your right (except if you are a felon in some states). Thousands of men and women died to give you the right and the privilege of being able to vote, so just take the time next week to vote. I signed up for permanent absentee voter status so I look up each issue while completing the form.
Educate yourself with the wealth of resources out there such as:

Project Vote Smart-A nonpartisan website dedicated to candidates, issues, and ballot measures. I used this website for the primary and found it very helpful. You can look at issues in your state only and regional candidates.

Can I Vote-Not sure if you are still registered to vote? This website will connect you to your local resource to find out.

Voter Information via Google-Find the closest place to vote to your home and basic voter information. As well as state specific contacts for more information.

Vote 411- Developed by the League of Women Voters, this resource has a Q&A with the presidential candidates. Plus general voter information.

As well as the individual presidential candidates websites:

John McCain

Barack Obama

Ralph Nader

Bob Barr

Chuck Baldwin

Cynthia McKinney

Vote with however you choose, but please do vote.


  1. I already did last week. :-) Did you send this on to Kris? When she was here a few weeks ago, she hadn't decided if she was going to vote or not.

  2. I'm voting on Thursday morning.
    I think it's so important - especially for women, since we've only had the right for less than 100 years!


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