Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good Habits I Wish I Could Do Everyday

1. Drink enough water. I feel better when I do. On weekends I don't drink enough water. I wish I could find someway to make it easier for me.
2. Empty my change purse once a week at least. I usually wait til it gets full and overflows. We have change jars to save change but I can't seem to get off my arse to do it.
3. Do WiiFit daily. Again during the week is easier to do than on the weekend.
4. Clean a little everyday rather than try to clean everything on the weekend. By Saturday the house is a mess and it's too overwhelming. I usually just do enough to keep the health department away.
5. Put my shoes away everyday. I have a shoe rack but my shoes seem to like to stay by the bed or the front door. I think Tai's shoes are a bad example.
See? I'm so far from perfect!


  1. My guy really shuts down when he doesn't get enough water. It's more evident on the weekend when he too has some issues.

    We have become major wateraholics using our huge 64 ounce plastic cups just for that.

  2. Hey Linda!!!
    I've been following your blog for a little time now, Nice Blog!!!
    If you dont mind I'll link it is it ok?
    Have a great Day!!!! ;)

  3. They make this powder stuff you can add to the water to make it taste like Crystal Light, Powerade, Diet Snapple.... they're individualized. Anyways, I like them, and it helps me to drink more water. That and making iced tea.... I could drink that all day!!

    Oh, and I also wait until the weekend to clean. And it all is very overwhelming and messy. And very very furry. With 4 dogs, it gets very furry!


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