Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ok, Someone Needs To Have A Baby

It's kind of a rare point in my life right now. None of my friends are preggers right now. It's kind of a lull right now. We just had a couple of weddings, perhaps some babies next year. I'm hoping that someone does have a baby soon cause I saw some cute babies clothes over the weekend. Janet, Kris, and I went to an adorable little baby store and here are some of the cutest little clothes.

baby clothes by honeylin
If I had babies I would not buy these since they are around $35 a pop. But they would be a great baby shower gift. I especially like "My dad's a geek". I know quite a few people that would be appropriate for. If Tai and I did have a baby I would definitely buy that one. But I want one that says My mommy is a geek.


  1. I love the Googoo one as well as the geek one.

    My best friend is trying to have another baby but she's so far from geeky. I did get her some little John Deere booties though from etsy.

  2. "My dad's a geek" would definitely apply to us, for sure. I like the Google/googoo one too. My favorite from when Cate was a newborn was one that said "Daddy does my hair". (That one I bought at Target for $2.99 - hardly $35!)

    Oh, and my cousin's husband gave us a onesie that said "My mama drinks because I cry" - with a picture of a bottle of whiskey on it. Nice.

    Maybe this is all God's way of telling you that YOU should get pregnant. (In spooky voice: coooome, join ussss....) Hee. :-)


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