Monday, October 20, 2008

Movie Weekend

Over the weekend I went to see two very different movies. On Saturday, I saw Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist with Marta. It was kind of a spur of the moment kind of thing. We decided it was the only movie playing at that time that we wanted to see. From wikipedia
Ok, he's adorable. Not in like a conventional way. Like your friend's younger brother way. Anyway, he's slowly becoming my new favorite young actor. From
I dig Kat Dennings look. For some reason I think she'd make a good vampire.
It was a good movie. One thing that bothered me through the whole movie was that it was like 3am and these kids were running around New York. And no phone calls from their folks. At 3am I was at home when I was a kid. I knew kids running around at that time as well. But there were no cell phones back then. Not one of these kids got a call from their parents wondering where the hell they were. But I guess that's the movies.
Sunday I saw W with Ashley, Shoshana, and Ethan. Wow, Josh Brolin looks like GW. I was looking forward to this movie. I love Oliver Stone's other films (JFK, Any Given Sunday) so I was looking forward to seeing how he portrayed GW. But I was kind disappointed. I preferred the look at the younger GW than the Iraq War Bush. Stone seemed very sympathic to GW. I can see how you would if you spent enough time reading about his history. It was kind of long and a little boring at times. But the actors were excellent and worth watching.
See any movies this weekend?


  1. I'd like to see W, but not sure if I can drag anyone to go with me.
    I may have to wait and rent it.

  2. Oh, but I did watch (don't laugh) BABY MAMA. I was with my sister, and we love silly movies.
    This was actually better and not as stupid as I thought it would be! Cute for a rental.

  3. Oh I watched Quarantine, screamed my lungs out, but didnt really liked the movie, there was no end, well Im not going to tell you just in case you watch it. But neither me nor my fiance liked it! By the way Baby mom is cute Rachel.

  4. I liked BABY MAMA! It was cute. Lighthearted, and better than I expected.
    Of course, Amy Pohler can make me laugh 'til I cry.


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