Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lots of Yummy Sushi

Tai and I went to iSushi in Issaquah on Janet's recommendation. It's a revolving sushi place(my favorite kind). There were so interesting dishes-sashimi salmon and crab legs with the shell on. Plus more fried dishes than I see a lot of other revolving sushi places. Tai wants to go back but that means cheating on our new sushi place plus it means going out of our way. But I woud go back. Incidentally Janet was less impressed on her second visit to iSushi and hasn't tried for a 3rd visit.

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  1. We love sushi too! Last time we were out though, we were commenting on how so many of the rolls now have either fried bits in them, or the whole roll is fried... which isn't really sushi!!
    My fave is tuna - any kind.


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